Macro based on changes?

I was wondering if it is possible to run a macro specifically on a new element added. I have a page that has a grid of elements and I’d like the macro to click on any new elements that appear within the grid. Is this possible and if not could this be added?

A macro has access to two sources of information: steps in the macro and page’s elements. Depending on use case, it may or may not be sufficient to find the new elements in a list. Can you share more details about the kind of list being monitored and how things get added to or removed from the list? Thanks!

It is a grid of products similar to Amazon where items get added and removed at random intervals. Ideally, I want a macro that will click on any new item as soon as it appears. Any new items can appear anywhere in the grid so it cannot be predetermined.

Can you share the link? Is the new item added at an arbitrary position or at the top (or bottom)?

Unfortunately I cannot share a link as the website is password protected, but yes, it is added at an arbitrary position.

Can you share a screenshot to give an idea of what it looks?

The key challenge is finding the new item in the list. Is there a way to sort the list too by clicking a button? It is easy if the list could be ordered so that the new item is either at the top or the bottom of the list.

If the list can’t be sorted, only solution I can think of is by making change history’s data available to the macro and using that to find the element to click. This is something we plan to support in the near future.