Looking for help!

I am looking to monitor a ticketing site. - ticketmaster.sg
However, there is an error as when i check the checklogs, it says:

Your Session Has Been Suspended
Something about your browsing behavior or network made us think you were a bot.
What can I do to resolve this?

  • Try again from a different device or a different location
  • Ensure you have enabled JavaScript in your web browser
  • Remove any third party browser plugins that may be running

I have turned on javascript in the monitors and used world proxies. Can anyone help me with this problem? I am currently using distill’s cloud servers to monitor.

@jovsmiles Here are the two options that you can try:

  1. Use Distill’s browser extension or the Desktop app for local monitoring
  2. Try custom proxies (managed by you) or a residential proxy provided by Distill for monitoring in the cloud.