Local monitor works but not the cloud server

When I run the monitor on my local device (Chrome) it checks it fine. In the cloud server, the same website blocks access because it thinks it’s a bot. I have tried each of the proxy options.

Any ideas why this might be happening?

Hello @gabrielexposito - if the website is blocking requests, one most likely needs a different proxy. In our experience, mobile proxies usually lead to best results. What do you think?

Hi Ajit, thanks for the reply.
How would I set up mobile proxies?

After some searching I see what you mean.

You had posted to someone that you may be able to suggest a specific proxy for specific websites.

I’m monitoring this website: https://www.ticketmaster.com/beyonce-renaissance-world-tour-houston-texas-09-23-2023/event/3A005E3F92933B71

any advice would be great, thank you!

Hey all, wondering if anyone had experience bypassing Ticketmaster’s blocking. I know I can use proxies, but they haven’t worked for me (likely because I’m not setting them up correctly). Perhaps someone has specifically set something up for Ticketmaster. It’ll work for an hour, and then it will give me the message in the screenshot.

Not a reseller or anything, just really want to gift my girlfriend Beyonce tickets and there’s nothing available, hah. I want to use Distill to check when they release more face value tickets (apparently happens often closer to the date).

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In my experience, mobile proxies show best results. There are vendors who offer them in the market and charge based on usage volume. You can then add it to your account at https://monitor.distill.io/#/w/0/proxies/ and use them for the monitors.

Hello, Did you make it?