Limit: 10 changes

I wanted to ask why only the last 10 changes are recorded? this is very small for my tasks. I want to see the full history of changes over a long period of time.
It would be nice if it was possible to increase this limit for individual tasks.
Is there something preventing you from increasing this limit? Performance problems, memory consumption or something else?

The product’s choices are based on use case, cost, efficiency, and many other factors. In this case, more than 98% of our users don’t need more than 10 versions in the change history. For the rest, we offer two different solutions:

  1. Regular users can use a Spreadsheet to save changes for as long as they need. Checkout our guide on How to save web page changes in Google Sheets? – Distill
  2. Enterprise plan offers custom limit on version history saved.

Can you please share more details about your use case? For example, the kind of site and content you are monitoring and how you plan to use it. This will help me understand your needs better.