Kudos for new Explore Differences features

The Text option is a game changer for me. Huge difference in productivity. Thanks!


Thanks, @b1ackcat! Your feedback is highly appreciated as a longtime user of Distill. :slight_smile:

Was the “text mode” diff a game changer because of better speed, accuracy or something else?

I monitor availability in online catalogs. I found the change data I needed was very difficult to see amid many large, colorful images of the products, flowers in this case, and I wasted so much time paging past dozens of large images to find that one ‘sold out’. Also, distill gave false positives on all the images in some catalogs with multiple product images rendering the ‘prev diff’ and ‘next diff’ feature useless (though it would not flag a page unless there was a “real” change). It may be that a more skilled user could have excluded the images, but I never did figure that out, so the ‘text mode’ is a game change for me. I feel certain I will see changes I would have missed before, so I am many times faster and also more accurate. Thank you!

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Text mode is definitely much more efficient both from relevancy and from speed perspective. Thanks for the feedback!