Is there a way to prevent multiple checks simultaneously?

I have multiple checks on the same website but on different locations.

Ex: Every 5 minutes check Location A
Every 10 minutes check Location B

The issue is that at 10 minutes, Location B will trigger a check, but so will Location A, and i’m getting errors because it’s switching locations at the same time so one of them will go unchecked ( or both) . I want to make sure they don’t run on top of each other but I can’t figure out how.

Hello @filipebr, I am assuming that you are either using the browser extension or the desktop app. The setting “maximum number of concurrent workers” controls the maximum number of checks that can happen simultaneously. This can be reduced to 1 to make sure that only one check is performed at any time. Here is a screenshot of the option:

That solves it for me, thank you!