Is My Use Case Supported?


I’d like to know if Distill is the appropriate solution for our use case.

We use a webform on our website to push new client inquiry data via Zapier webhook to a cloud-based accounting software. When the new client appears on the client table in in the accounting software, we’d like to automatically facilitate two steps that ordinarily have to do be done manually - one is to generate a document that is auto-populated with the cient details and the other is to invite the client to their page on the portal where they would e-sign the document mentioned earlier. Again, neither of these two steps can be automated from within the accounting software itself nor does the software make available the API endpoints we would need in order to use Zapier to automate these workflows.

I believe what I described could be done with a paid Distill plan by employing a combination of a monitor that looks for new clients added to the data table and a macro that automates the workflow steps. Do I have this right?

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Hi @swipetax, Distill should be able to handle browser related automations with ease. Can you explain the use case and nature of the document you mentioned? If it is a file, it is most likely not handled directly a macro right now. But depending on how it is processed, there could be solutions.

Hi @ajitk , and thanks for your reply.

The use case is that we would have a page of the accounting application open so that we could monitor it for new contacts. Once a new contact appears on the page, we would need a macro that executes 2 things:

1- go through the navigation steps necessary to generate a document that needs to be e-signed by the customer.

2 - navigate to the page on the accounting app where a button is clicked to invite the new contact to their portal page on the accounting app.

The document referenced in #1 is a template that resides in the accounting app and it is auto-populated with the variables in the contact record that triggered the monitor and subsequent macro. The macro won’t be handling any documents directly, it would simply be clicking the navigation prompts to ensure that the document gets created by the app so it surfaces on the contact’s portal page awaiting their e-signature once they log in.

Once those two steps are executed, the work of the monitor and macro is finished.

Thanks and please let me know if you require further clarification.

This sounds good and could work using a macro. Cheers!