Is it possible to see a historical record of page changes in singe view

Where a watchlist has multiple sieves, as in the screenshot below, is it possible to see the changes to all these pages in a single view?


For example, this is possible for 1 sieve when you expand it (see screenshot)

Is there a way to see all the changes across all the sieves within the watchlist in a single view, without having to expand each and every one? So for example, could I see the changes in a list view?

Not right now. Is the problem having to save a click (one instead of two) when going through multiple unread changes?

Hi Ajit, thanks for the response.

Yes, it is sort of about saving clicks. What I actually want to see is sort of a historical record of all the changes in a watchlist in one place. So for example, if I want to know what changes have been made to all the links in a watchlist today, I would like to be able to have a view that lets me see that in one place, without having to click through every sieve.

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I was wondering that Watchlist’s default view is sorted to show all recently updated links/monitors at the top. How could we change that to make the workflow better? For example, does a split layout (shown below) used by MS Outlook make sense?

Hi Ajit

Thank you for getting back to me! Yes, the split layout would likely solve this problem. It would also be great if I could export the results into a CSV file in some kind of list.

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Got it, thanks for the feedback.