Is it possible to get the code from the script tag?

I am trying to track changes in JSON-LD markup code. I am successfully adding a web page monitor. But when I add a CSS or XPath selector of the script tag with the markup code, the service does not see the content. Even if I click all the checkboxes in the “fields to monitor” filter.

Moreover, if I select all html code as selector, after checking there is not a single script tag in the source code.

Is it really Distill removing all script tags from the code source? Or is there still some way to monitor their Inner HTML?

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by default all script tags are removed from the monitored content. one can choose to not do that by setting incldueScript to true in the config json.

note that this option is not documented in the docs. add a line "includeScript": true, after "includeStyle": false, in the json.


the monitored content can then be viewed in text mode:

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It worked, thank you very much!