Is it possible to get back my watchlist after a Firefox Refresh?

Hi, I recently refreshed Firefox, and I had never associated my watchlist with an account. There is an “Old Firefox Data” folder on my Desktop, but I don’t see the data for this extension there. Is all my stuff just gone now?

the “old firefox data” is the old profile folder. it should contain the data from extension too. so, it should be possible to recover data. can you try this folder as the profile directory to see if you are able to access the data?

The profile seems to be broken, as none of the extensions can be accessed (eg. when I click on the Distill icon it doesn’t popup anything, and I can’t get to my watchlist even when pasting a watchlist link from my refreshed browesr). The only relevant files I see is a distill.sqlite file, but there is no clear way to restore anything from that.