Is it possible to edit condition text?

Is it possible to edit a monitor for the monitored text?
E.g. if I am monitoring the page for the keyphrase “blue widget”, can I edit dso that it notifies me when the page displays “red widget”?

@veshapidze I understand that you have selected text “blue widget” on a page and you want to get an alert only when it changes to “red widget”. If that is the case, you can add conditions for your monitor.
Added text contains red widget

Check out more on conditions at Optimizing Alerts with Conditions – Distill

For some reason, this doesn’t work. The way I tested it is I set up a negative match:
Only continue if Text does not contain “ThisWillNeverMatch”
I am not getting alerts

@veshapidze Did the monitored text on the page change after the condition was added? Please note that you get alerts only when there is a change and the conditions evaluate to true.

also check out to understand how condition worked.

I see. I was hoping I could create a condition that would cause the monitor to trigger for testing purposes. Guess this tool is not capable of doing this unless the page actually changes. Would be a good addition though. Thats how UptimeRobot works