iOS Login Issues

Hi, in the past month or so I’ve noticed a couple of issues with the iOS app:

  1. The app now logs out of my account around once per day, requiring me to log in again frequently. Notifications seem to work fine, but occasionally when I open the app, the login session ended. This did not used to happen
  2. Please consider supporting an associated domain (e.g. in the app so that login managers, like 1Password, can autofill login details. The Xcode documentation is here Supporting associated domains | Apple Developer Documentation
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Thanks for reporting the issue and sharing feedback @jon48c. This is highly appreciated.

As a test, can you reinstall and the app and see if that fixes the problem of getting logged out frequently?

Hi, thank you for the reply. I tried uninstalling and installing the app earlier this morning, but the app just logged me out again

I see, thanks for the update. What is the iOS device and iOS version?

cc @SureshM

iOS 16.3
iPhone 12
Distill v3.6.15

Thanks, we are trying to reproduce the issue. Will you like to become a beta tester to test this out using TestFlight?