iOS app error and 12 hours without any updates

Neither the computer nor the mobile app can get updates anymore. The whole system doesn’t seem to be working properly. I am looking for a solution.

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Thanks for reporting the issue @j.sun. IIUC there are two issues:

  1. Changes are not being triggered by the desktop app. Can you please check and share a screenshot of the check log?

  2. The iOS displays and error message. What action in the app displayed the error screen? For example, was it displayed as soon at the app was launched or after taking an action (like viewing an update)? cc @SureshM

Thank you for your answer! I have found the problem. It was because I switched apple id. this caused my subscription to lapse. When I switched from the new to the previous id, everything worked fine. Thanks for your quick reply!

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Glad to know that and thanks for the update. Cheers!