Impossible to load a website

I would like to connect to the following page: SAD Consultation - workarea (

While this work in my normal browser, Distill is not able to see any of this page, and remains stuck at waiting_doc, so I cannot make any macro.

Anyone could think of a solution? Greatly appreciated.


Hello @lime91, welcome to the community forum and reporting the issue. I have noticed an issue that could be related to the problem with this URL:

When I open in Firefox, it always redirects to

The way this page loads, differs depending on the platform being used. We will look into it and get back to you.

What were you trying to autotmate?

Hi @ajitk and many thanks for your feedback.

The link works on chrome when you open it from incognito mode, I think it relates to the cookies or the cache that sometimes creates this weird redirect.

An alternative which works would include the following steps:

  1. Open SAD Consultation - workarea (

  2. Type: 113425 under “Numéro de dossier”

  3. Click “Rechercher”

  4. Wait, and click on the File number: DD 113425/1

  5. Wait, and click on “Suivi” in the left menu.

  6. The result of this page is the one I need to monitor for any change.

Thanks for your help.

Hi @lime91, SAD Consultation - workarea website uses frameset and frames to render the page, and they are not supported as of now. We’ve picked up this issue and have started to work on it. We’ll keep you posted and reply to this post once we add the support.

hi @pallavJha, thank you very much. Highly appreciated and looking forward to hearing back from you.