I'm trying to set-up a simple monitor, but doesn't run

It doesn’t run the checks, even the first one. I have created a new monitor, but it doesn’t run the check manually or on time.
I have had my account for several years. Should I create a new account?

Hi Walter, can you check if the device to run the monitor has been configured correctly? Checkout Local Monitor vs. Cloud Monitor – Distill for more information on devices and how to configure them. Once done, the log show the status of checks. Let me know what you find out.

Hello @ajitk, thank you!
I’ll check the documentation.
I’ll post some details here just in case.

This is what the monitor looks like, I’m using a local one in Chrome, and I also downloaded the app for MacOS and synced the account.

Let me know if you spot something, thank you!

these are more details about the Monitor configuration

Notice that the monitor is configure to run using “Google Chrome”. Can you change the device to “Desktop App (this device)” so that the monitor is checked for changes using the desktop app?

Hello @ajitk, it worked on the Desktop App, thank you! I created that monitor in Chrome but it didn’t work so I installed the Desktop App.
I’ll duplicate it and try it in Chrome one more time.

Thank you!
Have a great day!

Hello @ajitk
I’m trying to set up a Chrome monitor to access the site’s cookies and storage.
But when I select the Device it is marked as “This device” is the Cloud one, not the Chrome (why there are 2 of them?)

Never mind, found out why!

Thank you!

Is there a way to use the Cloud or Desktop monitor but add the configuration of the site like whatever they store in the local storage or cookies?
Or specifying the User-Agent or other headers to the request?