Ignoring minor changes - condition based on text length

Is it possible to set up monitoring of a particular URL so that it ignores minor changes?

For example, I would like to ignore changes if less than three consecutive characters have been changed or added.

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You can try adding a condition “Added text matches the regular expression

The above regular expression will match the occurrence of any character (a-z, A-Z, 0-9) 3 or more times.


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I have other problem but very similar to original one, I think.

I am interested in new articles on a certain website. The difficulty is that on the page where there is an index of published articles, there is information about how long ago the article was published. This is information such as, for example, “4 days ago” or “2 weeks ago”, etc.

If I wanted to detect such texts with a regular expression, I think I would use something like this:
\d+(days|weeks|months). How to negate this condition, i.e. how to detect all changes except such texts?

Hi @grzegorz.skoczylas

Can you provide a link to a sample URL that you are trying to monitor?
I’d like to understand the problem better, before suggesting a solution.


I am interested in knowing if and when an issue will be resolved for one of the programming libraries. I cannot enable “Start watching this issue” because I am not a member of the team working on this project.

Currently, there is a publication date for each comment, but if the comment was published no more than about 10 days ago, the comment date is published differently, for example:

If anyone now adds a comment there, again in the next few days Distill will inform me that the comment was added “1 day ago”, “2 days ago”, …, “1 week ago”.

Hi @grzegorz.skoczylas

If your use-case requires you to exclude the dates (because they change the format after a few days / weeks), then I believe a better solution is to select a larger element and add rejections to eliminate the noise.

Here is a sample screenshot where you can see the Selected & Deselected parts highlighted by the visual selector using the extension.

Let me know, if that helps solve the challenge.


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