Identify when a monitor's URL starts redirecting to a new URL

Hello good morning.

I would like to know how I can identify if the url I monitor changes: For example, before my url was and, a few days ago, it has become

How can I see that url has changed?

PS: despite the change, the content of the website has remained the same, so I have not seen any difference.

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It is currently not possible to get information about redirected URLs in the Watchlist. Can you share your use case for identifying the redirects? If it has a more general use case and utility, we can consider adding this as a feature in Distill. Thanks!

We had this url Prepago | Red 5G, Chips, Recarga y Paquetes | Movistar Mx and it evolved into this Prepago | Red 5G, Chips, Recarga y Paquetes | Movistar Mx.

However, the image that it captured was this (even when the url evolved)

instead of this

Thanks for the screenshots.

Is the main problem that the monitor is tracking changes to the second row instead of the first one? This is likely to be the main problem if the auto-generated selector selected the row based on its content. Can you share the monitor’s selectors that is used to select the element in the page?

Yes, the selector (in Xpath) is /html and, as I said, now it works and monitor the second screenshot

Is the problem solved? Or, do you still need to know when the original URL redirects to a new URL? Just double checking in case I misunderstood the reply.

Now everything is fine, but because we realized that the url had changed.

That’s why the question is whether there is any way for the tool to detect the change.