I want to be notified when a new post is found on a board, i.e. a new link address

The address of the site is: 뽐뿌 - 사람이 좋아 함께하는 곳

I want to be notified only when a new post is found in the blue box in the screenshot, i.e. a new link address, but I don’t know how to set the page selector or the conditions.

The point is that I want to ignore any modifications to the title or time of the post, and if a new post is found, but it’s the same as an existing one, I want to ignore it so that it doesn’t trigger.

The HTML sources containing the link addresses of those posts are in the following format.

<a href="/zboard/zboard.php?id=etc_consult&no=27788">
<a href="/zboard/zboard.php?id=pmarket&no=289597">
<a href="/zboard/zboard.php?id=pmarket&no=289573">

Hello, how is the list of posts sorted in the list of posts? Is the most recently active post at the top?

Generally, the most recent posts are displayed at the top, and posts disappear from the bottom after 24 hours.

However, there can be exceptions where a recent post does not appear at the top but emerges in the middle.

Additionally, there can be instances where the same post disappears briefly and reappears.

Ideally, in such cases, no notifications should be triggered.

This is a tricky case to handle when the new post can appear at any position in the list. Do you know of any other page where the post are listed or is this the only place?

The webpage’s address is categorized by the post’s industry, so the only way to aggregate posts that fit the purpose is the current link address.