I can't select a webpage and then a macro?

I’ve recorded a macro within my Chrome or Mac Desktop app and can see it in my list.

I follow the instructions here: Macro: Record and Replay Automated Actions – Distill and this isn’t the flow I get when setting up, everytime I click add monitor, it opens up a new webpage for me to make a selection - even if I select the part of the page I want to know changes - I can’t add my macro as it never appears in the list? It always shows “Macro - ” and can’t select the one I’ve created.

the URL is easyjet.com

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Hello Steve, what are the full URLs of the macro and monitor being added to the Watchlist?

They’re on https://easyjet.com

Got it - I think I found what the the issue could be. Opening https://easyjet.com/ redirects to https://www.easyjet.com/en/. I am assuming that the monitor is also served from www.easyjet.com. When showing the list of macros, Distill shows the list of macros from matching domains in the dropdown. Because of the mismatch in hostname, the list of macros in the dropdown could have been empty.

Can you edit the macro’s URL to https://www.easyjet.com by adding www subdomain as prefix?

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Great spot, thank you!

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