I am tring to get a usa visa appointment date using ui-datepicker-unselectable, but the calender is showing 2025

i tried using ui-datepicker-unselectable to get usa visa slot, but on the calender its showing 2025 and i want a 2023 date. what can be done? also, and i cant go back on the calender , only forward. forward means going further into 2025.

Hi @sophi_kylee

I’ve sent you a 1:1 message to help understand the challenge better.


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I had this set up, and was notified that a date became available, within less than 1 minute, the date was no longer available.

Is there is a way to keep the tab open (on the calendar screen), so I can then click on the date, rather than having to log in when I am notified.


@kenhunt2002 This has been answered here: Can you keep logged in page open, at the point where the macro ended, if a change is detected