How we check number of devices distill sign is and log in id is active

Hi Team,

Can you please let us know how we can check the number of devices our distill log in is active. Bcz we are using a flexi plan and in that plan the number of devices that one can install Distill’s apps on and sign-in to is 4 devices. But i think we are using 3 devices but in the billing it shows we are log in to 4 devices. So i want to know where we can check this in which device aur distill log in id is active.

Devices section in the Settings page lists currently registered devices: On can view and edit the list from the device drop in the Watchlist too.

Hi Ajit,

Please find the screenshot and can you let me know how we can identify from the given list which are active and which one is not.

Each device’s Watchlist displays the device’s name in the top left corner. Edit the name of each device to make them unique. Once done, you can then get a list of active devices by going to each device’s Watchlist and listing their name.

Sorry but I cannot see any option in the top left corner where the Watchlist displays the device’s name. Can you just show me the sample where this option comes in watchlist?

Option to edit name is displayed in the device list as shown below. Notice the pencil icon next to “Google Chrome - Windows”. Hover your mouse over a device in the device list to view and click the icon button.

Option to edit device list and name directly in the Watchlist:

The top left corner displays the name without any options: