How to use Visual Selector to select a larger element

It looks like I can’t select the site results with the visual selector for this page

@alextaxanalysts Are you able to select the first item from the result page or the selection does not work at all?


I am able to make selections on the page (screenshot below).
Can you kindly elaborate on where you are facing a challenge?

I said i can’t select the site results. Please see the site results highlighted in yellow attached. Only if all of these are highlighted, the search will update. I didn’t say I can select something. But what I can select, is not even a full line item (for example the full no. 1 row) and not only bits and pieces of row 1, which is useless, I think.

Hi @alextaxanalysts

Thank you for elaborating on what you are looking for.

Let me explain in a few steps below (via screenshots):

  1. Select the element in the first row.
  2. Start clicking the expand selection button at the top right of the selection window (highlighted in the screenshot below):

  1. Expand until your desired selection is reached.

I hope that helps answer your question.

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Thanks, it worked now.