How to setup Distill to track us embassy visa slots?

I have an android phone and an ipad. I am trying to use thr android browser (chrome) and I have no clue how to monitor to check visa slots. I read a pevioua post but that doesnt target android on phone. Can you help me ?
I assume the app doesnt work as the blog on visas only targets chrome and says something on macros only for chrome.

Hello @enriquetgu, please see Local Monitor vs. Cloud Monitor – Distill to understand how Distill checks pages for changes. Mobile devices can’t run checks because of limited ability to run in background for an extended period of time. Cloud can be used for checks when there is no PC to work with.

For checking availability of visa slots, a local device for checks is the officially recommended way. Using Android app alone won’t be good enough to let you set it up.