How to monitor multiple texts after creating a macro

Good morning. I have a doubt regarding the text tha the app capture after run a macro.

I have a url that, by default, shows me a price (for example 10). However, I have created a macro where, if we click on the X button, the price changes to 20.

I need Distill to capture all the prices of the process, that is, in the example 10 and 20. Also, if there were more buttons with prices I would like to capture them too.

How can I do all this within one url without the need to create a macro for each case?

Thank you very much for the answers.

Hi @inteliens

Extracting data at various steps within the macro is not supported currently.

Can you please share the link to the URL? Maybe we can take a look at it to suggest if there is any other method to address the challenge.


The link is Trae tu equipo - AT&T Simple - Tienda en Línea
When you click one of this selectors, the price change

Hi @inteliens

I took a brief look and at this point there is no other method (than actually setting up different monitors & corresponding macros) to track prices for this webpage.