How to get notified when a student residence appointment opens on Teheran Austrian embassy?

Hi. I want to use this extention to detect any appointment time opening on the Teheran Austrian embassy’s website. This is the link to the website:

You should choose Teheran embassy first then you should choose the option for “only students” residence. After that you choose for 1 person(although there is no other options). Next you scroll down the page and click on continue. Only now you can see wether there is an open time or not. Please help me.

@hossein1982 This can be done using a Macro that can record the steps you have mentioned. Once a Macro is recorded, you can then proceed with adding a monitor for the webpage, and apply and replay the Macro to reach the final page that shows the availability.

This is what it looks like once added to the Watchlist

Please see the following article to learn more about macros:

Hi thank you very much. I checked the macro. Unfortunately ist not free and I cant pay because there is no available international banking system in Iran