How to get full title

how to get the full titles and links on “New Threads” section

The tooltips are present in the title attribute. The solution here is similar to the one the following thread

The following JS selector should work. It updates anchor tags’ text content with their title available.

let list = $('.avatarList a[title]'); list.each((_,el) => $(el).text($(el).attr('title'))); $('.avatarList a')

Let me know if you have any other questions or need any help.

This is not full title

PS: How to grab full page source code?


Checkout what I got using that script. Notice that there is no ellipsis in the monitored content.

If I have missed something, please let me know.

Monitoring HTML can be done using the following script:

document.body.textContent = document.documentElement.outerHTML;

Monitoring full HTML is never recommended because then can trigger too many notifications due to changes in unwanted parts of the source. One could monitor HTML for a node in the DOM instead as follows:

document.body.textContent = document.querySelector('.an-element-selector').outerHTML;

Following could have worked for the linked page if there were no “10 minutes ago” element in that tree:

document.body.textContent = $('.avatarList').html();

The scripts that modify DOM and update body can run correctly only once. In the next evaluation, the elements being referenced won’t be there. Try to save the selections and see how they work in the Watchlist.

Please note that monitoring source code is not recommended in this page’s case.