How to get Audio Notification on all Devices

Hey guys,

I have this setup:

Device 1: Small “Thin Client”. Acts as local “Distill Server” - Running the Distill App
Device 2+3: My workstation & notebook with Chrome Plugin
Device 4: My Smartphone running Distill Android App

Since Device 1 is acting as a “server” I want ALL notifications on my smartphone and on my workstation/notebook (if running)

The Smartphone Notifications through the app are working perfectly. But sadly, the sound and push up notification on my workstation (Device 2) doesnt work anymore! It syncronizes perfectly with the “server” and the distill icon in chrome shows the red circle with the number of changes, but I wont get Windows Notifications or Audio anymore. Both is configured for local monitor.

Does that mean, the notifications only work on the “server”? How can I get sound and push up on my workstation/notebook?

Hello @barracdil, welcome to the community forum and sharing your use case.

Local notifications are currently triggered on the local device that runs the checks. Notifications channels like push notifications or webhooks are sent to respective channels.

Please note that There is no server in apps that are installed on end users’ devices. That being said, we have thought about broadcasting notifications like audio and popup to all connected devices in an account. We might work on that later this year or early next year. Cheers!