How to fix Cannot perform the diff: error

This error started showing up today for the first time on the desktop extension for Chrome. Any help would be appreciated!

Cannot perform the diff: Cannot set properties of undefined (setting ‘dontKillMyChildren’).

Thank you!

Same here, got tons of false positives, and it actually ate up all my budgets for emails and push messages in the process. Fantastic.

Still getting this today message today and cannot see what has actually changed (I believe nothing).

Thanks for reporting the issue and my sincere apologies for this issue @jsweeps. The most recent version of the extension 3.9.8 added support for comparing multiple versions of change history to get better alerts. See announcement: New condition operator "doesn't match any previous text".

A latent bug in the sync logic surfaced.

The result was that one or more items were added in the change history with empty text and data for some of the monitors. They were added even though no checks would have happened because of the way sync worked for change history.

We detected this yesterday. A server-side fix was deployed last evening to prevent such items from being added to other monitors. Unfortunately, about 0.9% of our users had been affected by the time the fix was deployed.

Some of you would have seen the reported diff error message even after the fix to prevent empty records from being added was deployed. The error was displayed due to presence of the empty records in the change history. We have deployed a fix today to handle the error. You will still see the empty records in the change history unless they have been replaced by newer changes.

The empty updates triggered change notifications. We have reset the monthly usage quota of the affected users. If you continue to face any issues, feel free to reply to this thread or send me a direct message.

We have taken measure to ensure that this doesn’t happen again in the future.

I saw that your account’s push notification limits were hit because of 20 extra push notifications. We have reset the monthly usage back to 10 for this month. You should be able to get another 90 push notifications for remainder of this month. The email usage was 4 for this month, so it wasn’t reset. Hope this helps!


I have the same problem.

Thank you for the prompt fix and explanation, Ajitk!

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