How to extract the change into the csv file

Hi, Right now distill is extracting everything i need except for two things, the whole new and the change in the new, both are important but i really need the changes inside the new,

there is any way to download the green part of a new, into the csv or any other way to get it?

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Hi @mario.massaro,

You can save the web page changes directly into the Google sheet using Distill’s webhook call action. Please check out How to save web page changes in Google Sheets? | for the steps.

About the added text (highlighted in green), it is not possible to get that only. You will get the whole selected text.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need any help.

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Hi, as a follow up, how do you get more changes to appear in your watchlist? Even if I click more, it only shows me the last 10 changes in a particular page’s change history (but it’s had 20-30 changes in total today).


Hi @bingggo, the number of changes stored in version history depends on plan. It is 10 for Starter and 20 for Professional and above. If one needs to store higher number versions, webhook actions are a good way to save them in a spreadsheet automatically.

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