How to disable receiving emails from distill?


All alerts are configured under a monitor’s “Actions”. Checkout Get email alerts on webpage changes | to learn how to remove email actions to prevent the alerts.

Feel free to reply if you have any other questions.


Thank you. I’ve looked everywhere and I cannot find the Options window, or that context menu, or know what is the “monitor’s actions”. Can you tell me where exactly I have to go and what do I have to do? (I checked the link you sent me)

Checkout a screenshot from my Watchlist. It shows menu items to “Edit Options” and to manage actions (my action list is empty).

Note: Click the down caret icon shown in red box to open the menu.

this is what i see

That dropdown menu is in the Watchlist’s toolbar. Similarly, each monitor in the list has a menu. Can you click the button with down caret that is to the left of a monitor’s name as shown below?