How to check for any new element in the webpage

I created a macro to login and go to a certain page for seat selection which is full right now but it randomly opens up.
The element I have selected is the text which says “No more seats available”, when the seats open up it doesn’t notify me but right after when opened up seat gets taken away by someone another message shows up in the same place as the first message which says “Exam is at full capacity” and I do get a notification for that but it is of no use to me because seat has already been taken.

It would be really helpful if someone could provide steps to detect any new element in the page.

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Hello @sufisuffix - thanks for sharing details about your use case. Did you notice what happened when the seats opened up? For example, did the checks error out?

A SELECTION_EMPTY error can when the page changed in such a way that the monitor’s selectors do not match any element in the page. In this case, a simple solution is to include one more element in the list of selections. A good choice will be a selector for element containing seats’ details. If that is trickier to get, a simpler option could be to select the page’s title that usually doesn’t change.

An EMACRO error can occur if one of the steps in macro failed to work.

This can be done easily by monitoring full page’s text or HTML. It will notify you about any change in the page. But I doubt this is what you are looking for. But it is worth a try if other suggestions do not work.

Feel free to reach out if you need any help with this. Cheers!