How to avoid notify clear itself when use "Net added text" with short interval?

My Conditions “Net added text” work well. But if I set the interval too low, the notify can clear itself if the new added text (news page) doesn’t match my keywords in the next cycle checking eg. 1 min. I can missed those notified.


  • First check is “In the morning, I am go to school” which trigger keyword “in” and Notify fired.
  • 5 mins later. “Tuesday, In the morning, I am go to school” which not trigger. this will clear the Notify. We can missed the previous notified.

one way would be to get all past notifications using channels that persist them. for example, using push notifications or email alerts, all past notifications are viewed even after new updates have been added. for local alerts, the os usually keep the list of all notifications in the notification center too. will these help?

based on this point of if, if distill has a “notifications” view that shows all changes that triggered a change alert, that will help too.

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