How do I track changes to a webpage?

My steps so far

  1. Clicked the Add Monitor button

  2. Selected Webpage

  3. Entered URL in Source - Webpage and pressed Go

  4. In Visual Selector tab, clicked a webpage element to monitor

A blue box had appeared around the the element and I don’t know what to do from that step.

@lapiii Welcome to the forum!
Once you have selected the elements, you need to click on the “Save” button as shown below

You will be guided to the Options page after saving the selections. You can then configure other settings, like check interval, device, add actions for alerts, etc, and save it. The monitor will then appear in your Watchlist.

I will suggest you start with Distill’s browser extension first - it is easier to use. Here is the help link for Distill’s Chrome extension to get started: Chrome Extension - Monitor Website Changes – Distill