How do I only fetch the title and its url of a post in a feed monitor?

Hi, I’m quiet unfamiliar with how all of this works and I cannot wrap my head around how to do this.

I have a feed that I am monitoring, but I would only like to see the titles and its links in the monitor, and ignore the post creation date/time, and the body of the post.

How would I go about this?

I used Add Monitor, clicked on feed, then just typed in the url and added the website.

Thanks for your help!

@everlasting207 Currently, Distill’s feed monitor does not support options to select and show only “Titles” or any other component of the feed.

However, you can use XML monitor and select titles and link after making some change in the config manually.

Here is how to use XML monitor:

  1. From the Watchlist, click on Add Monitor → XML
  2. Enter the source URL for the XML. You can get the XML URL for a webpage by clicking on the feed button from the page. The URL will look something like https://[thewebsiteurl]/feed.xml
  3. Click on “Go”. It will display the XML data on the page.
  4. Click on Select. This will open the “Options” page for action and other settings. You can add actions, conditions or change other settings and save it. To select

To select only the title and link from the xml monitor, you will need to make the following changes to the config.

  1. From the Options page, go to monitor’s config
  2. Update the following existing selector from the config
        "type": "xpath",
        "expr": "/*"


        "type": "xpath",
        "expr": "//title"
        "type": "xpath",
        "expr": "//link"

and save it. Save the Options page.

This is how the updated config will look like:

You can try it out. Thanks!

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