How do I monitor this site to trigger changes?[[1],0,1]&-32736=[[1],0,1]

I’m trying to monitor this site for campsite booking either in Map View or List View but there is nothing I can find to trigges some changes. Help would be appreciated.

The “List View” looks more approachable for monitoring because most information is in textual form. Have you tried that out? IMO a macro will be needed to render the list results.

I tried to monitor the “No Available Sites” from list view but I cannot trigger it because any new check doesn’t actually find that word or sentence. By default it goes into map view. How would i be able to use a macro?

Macros for cloud monitors support taking actions to get to the intended page. Please checkout Macro: Record and Replay Automated Actions | for more info.

Does the macro take effect before trigger or after trigger? Also, is there a way to run a macro locally instead of cloud? The interval of 5 minutes from cloud is a bit too slow tbh.

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Macros run before the trigger. At this time macros are only supported by cloud monitors. It will be supported locally by early next quarter too.