How can I split the scraped text in separate values to export to google sheets

I’m scraping 2 websites, one js based that have ever changing price data and I want these to be send every 30 seconds into a google sheet. I saw the webhook google sheet tutorial, is that possible with that? If so it would be nice if you had a tutorial for custom data from your scrape.

I setup my webhooks to send the scraped text to google sheets, but I need each selector in a separate cell in sheets.

How can I separate the text value of each selector, so they are split up in google sheets in different cells?

One of the differences between Distill Web Monitor and a standard web scraper is that it only monitors data out in two forms: distilled plain text (sieve_data.text) and distilled HTML ( Plain text doesn’t contain information that can be used to separate the individual parts out unless the text already has such characters.

Standard scrapers on the other hand are configured to get structured data out, most commonly in JSON or CSV forms.

Does the monitored text have any character that can be used to split it? I am assuming that it doesn’t. Otherwise, you would have tried that out already.

HTML contains tag information but could be tricky to parse in the webhook. It could require using regex to find specific values.

Would something that lets you get structured data in the spreadsheet work for you? We have an experimental (and undocumented) feature that can do that for cloud monitors.