High CPU usage on Chrome

Hi there,

have been using Distill for quiet a long time. Since the beginning of this week I recognize Distill turning up Google Chromes CPU usage on a very high level. Did not change any settings, not add any new websites. However Chrome is on auto-update mode, dunno if they maybe had an update. As soon as I switch off monitoring, CPU usage lower from 80-100% down to 5-10%

Have there been changes to the chrome extension lately?


It is less likely that a Chrome or an extension update will start consuming more CPU. Most of the CPU usage happens when Distill open’s a page in the browser’s tab. It is possible that the page started consuming more CPU. Do you use an extension like uBlock Origin to block unnecessary resources in a page?

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Using AdGuard - you think it consumes more or less CPU using an adblocker on like 80ish sites?

uBlock is more efficient and provides ability to customize settings on a per site basis. It is worth checking out.

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