Help with stubhub macro

Trying to set up a monitor for stubhub prices. Getting errors with macro:

Macro playback failed
scrollOpts is not defined
Error evaluating expression: ["scroll",["selector",{"meta":{},"type":"css","value":".hznewR .sc-ddviXP"}],0,183,{"frame":0}]
Error evaluating statement: "scroll", at Position: [0]

Hi @sophieponchak,

Firstly, welcome to Distill’s forums.

As highlighted in the error, the scroll operation associated with the corresponding element encountered an error.
If you evaluate more closely, the CSS selector associated with the element is based on dynamically generated class names .hznewR .sc-ddviXP. As such, these selectors are quite brittle & will possibly cause problems during the execution of the macros.

A few of our users have requested for supporting macros for websites like stubhub.
Currently, the macros only support CSS selectors. For websites like stubhub, where the classes are dynamically generated and can change frequently, it will be better if we can use XPath where the selectors can be based on elements associated with text content on the page.

Such macros will be much more robust.

Support for using XPath in macros is on the roadmap & once this is feasible, macros for stubhub should work well.

I kindly request you to be patient with us until we release this feature which will be extremely helpful for websites like stubhub.