Help to setting the monitor

Good morning, I have to monitor a web page that has an element with many entries, the entries are numerous and the site only allows viewing of the first 15 by price order. How do I configure the monitor to let it tell me if a certain product not visible on the first page changes price or is placed on the market? Thank you
I hope I was clear

I will be happy to help.

I didn’t understand the two main points:

  1. “a certain product not visible on the first page changes price”
  2. and, “or is placed on the market”

Can you clarify these with examples? Thanks!

for example
on the page http://marketplace/animal I have a list of 15 animals of different species at different prices, and on the main page I can only see the 15 animals with the lowest price, but this page actually has 400 animal pages. … how can I know if a particular animal appears on page 10 which perhaps due to the cost will never appear on the front page??
I hope this is clearer

Thanks for sharing the details.

There is most likely a typo in the URL. Can you please double check and share the correct URL?

It is possible to monitor addition or removal of links on a website using Sitemap monitor. Check out Monitoring Sitemap of a Website Using a Crawler – Distill. Once you have shared the URL, I can confirm if it will work for your use case or not.

The real Site is there Earth 2®
Thank’s for the support