Help removing unwanted parts of the page


I tried free version of this great extension. I am using for scanning a paid website which is sending me some informations on events. On that website i have already filtered exactly which events i wanted to show, however I would like that all those new events to be sent on my email.
When I get an event on my paid website, there is also time (how long is this event present from min 1, than min 2, than min 3…).
I have very basic clue about programming, so I would need some help with proper setup of this great tool. If i am not mistaken, there I am able to avoid that time changes pushing me notifications and sending emails but i am not sure if i am doing it right.
Would some1 help me is this is possible?

Best regards

Visual selector is a good way to visually deselect parts of the page that is noisy. No programming experience is required. Checkout the following article and let me know if you have any questions: