Help determining if Distill is the option we are looking for

Hello, we are exploring a number of options for a workflow that we’d like to implement but I’m unsure if Distill is the right tool. We are an ecommerce website that works with over 40 partners which means over 2500 products that we have uploaded and sell on our website. We’d like to find a way to monitor these partners’ websites on a weekly basis and if any changes were made in the product stack to firstly inform us and ultimately extract and export the specific changes that occurred into a spreadsheet that we can use to update our product listings. I am aware that Distill has the ability to monitor but I don’t know if there is an ability to extract as well as if these 2 functionalities can be combined. Any insight or a point in the right direction for this workflow would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

Thanks for reaching out @bulletproofzone. Will something like the following work for your use case?