Google sheets error - This app is blocked

I can no longer connect to a Google Sheet, Google is blocking the authorization saying the webapp is harmful.

**This app is blocked**
This app tried to access sensitive info in your Google Account. To keep your account safe, Google blocked this access

Also, the steps to connect a google sheet are horrendously complicated - other scrapers can just make and update a google sheet in one click. Can we please get a proper auth mechanism to allow that?

In the meantime, any work arounds?
Why is there not a simple authentica

Hello @cboshuizen, thanks for reaching out and sharing the feedback. We do have plans to support integration with sheets later this year

The “app” in the error refers to the App Script created to interact with the Google spreadsheet. Each script is a different app.

Following article states that there is no single reason. The suggestion is to retry creating the App Script using different options.

Following is a very helpful article. It provides more context and shares a workaround that has worked for a few. Can you try following it?

By the wasy, are you using a different account to post this question?