Google flights macro issue

I can create the macro and it will replay with no issues but when I create a new monitor using said macro I get an error after I try the first check:


Macro playback failed at step: scroll.
frame.waitForSelector: Timeout 30000ms exceeded.

Error evaluating expression: [“scroll”,[“selector”,{“meta”:{},“type”:“css”,“value”:“[aria-label=‘Enter\ your\ destination’] [aria-autocomplete=‘both’]”}],0,0,{“frame”:0}]
Error evaluating statement: “scroll”, at Position: [7]

Hi @harrypotter

Can you please share the details of the macro (you can export it as a JSON and share the file with us) for us to try & investigate the issue?


fadsfasdf-96dc82a5-1a9c-11ee-bee3-b7553bfd9a64.json (2.6 KB)

hi @harrypotter

Please try the attached modified version of the macro.
Sometimes you need to tweak some of the steps recorded in the macro to ensure it works.

macro_google_flights_modified.json (2.2 KB)


Yes this one works thank you.
But what tweaks do you recommend me do to make it work?

I’m having a similar issue with

Hi @harrypotter,

You can look into the details of the macro itself & compare it with the one you sent across.
There was a scroll step in your macro which was not required & I simply deleted it. Furthermore, I added a waitDuration at a couple of points, to ensure the dynamic elements are loaded in the page.
Hope that gives you an idea.


@harrypotter - If you are still facing an issue with macro on, please share the details & we’ll be happy to help you out.