Getting SELECTION_EMPTY and error shows blank page - monitoring

Hi All, trying to monitor some stock levels at a local store. A good example would be: Eagle Rare 10 Year Old Bourbon (750 ML) | Bourbon | BevMo (I am running from my local PC so it has - or should have - my cookie data which means i am logged in and it has my store selected.) I am specifically trying to track the “out of stock” changing to “x in stock” such as on this page: Four Roses Small Batch Select Bourbon (50 ML) | Bourbon | BevMo but I am getting SELECTION_EMPTY and the error shows the outside of the page without showing the product details including the field I am hoping to track. Any ideas? I have tried tracking just the “Out of Stock” section and the entire page, but nothing works.

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Hello @meraxes75, the blank snapshot suggests that the page is not loading in the tab when it is not active. Some pages only render when the page is visible. This is usually an optimization. But when monitoring the page, it is a problem.

As a test, can you try monitoring it in the cloud and if that works? Note that by default, it won’t use your session.

Confirm you have identified the issue. Any way I can get around it with a local monitor?

The desktop app should be able to handle this well once it is generally available.

For extensions, the workaround is loading pages in a window instead of the tab. But it is never recommended because each check opening a new window is highly disruptive.

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Hey @meraxes75, would you like to test the Desktop app and see if that helps here?