Getting notifications for updates that aren't real updates

Hi. I use Distill to monitor the sales page of my favorite artist. On her page that I follow she has for sale some items that are preorder. Even though these items are definitely sold out, I get notifications several times a day saying these items are not sold out and then they are sold out again, even though they’ve been sold out the entire time. Help? I only want to be notified if a new item is truly put up for sale.

Does the change history show that the item was in stock? If yes, one of the likely reasons could be that the page loaded but the initial content shows items in stock and later updates availability to the actual value. In this case, if Distill checks the content just before it has been updated, it can see in incorrect state. Increasing value of delay in config is a solution to this problem. Checkout Config and Advanced Options – Distill to see how view config and change delay.

Let me know if it makes sense or if you need any help. Cheers!