Getting Alerted when a website goes live

There is a website that goes live with flash sales once in a while. When there is no flash sale, that website is redirected to the general store. Is there a way to only get alerts when the flash sale goes live. Right now I am getting alerts anytime the main page (to which to is being automatically redirected to) makes a change

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@docyak There are two ways you can monitor such cases when the page redirects. You can follow any of the options given below:

  1. You can add “conditions”. You can use specific keywords in the condition that are exclusive to the flash sales page as shown below. Here is an example, with “Flash sale” as the keyword in condition.

If conditions are added, alerts are only received when there is a change and the condition is true.

  1. A web page has a title that you see in the browser’s title bar. You can monitor the title of the page. When the page redirects, the title will be different than the main page and you will receive an alert on such changes. Here is the way you can monitor the title tag.
  • Open the URL and select any parts of the page.
  • Change selector type to css.
  • Add the selector - title as shown below and save.

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