Frequency of checking in Live Beta mode gets longer and longer

In Live Beta Mode it starts off checking quite often, about every couple minutes. Then it seems to get longer and longer. Is there a way for the Live checking to stay more consistent?

Can you clarify what you meant by interval in live mode? The “Live” mode doesn’t use a check interval, instead it keeps a tab open and monitors that for changes in realtime.

This is what it was doing. When it is in Live mode you can check the time last checked in the drop down. If you check it say within the first 30 mins it seems to have a pretty constant log report. As time goes by the timestamps get further and further apart. What I am seeing from this is once this happens, it is not picking up changes on the page.

Now it doesn’t seem to do anymore than the intial check and does not show any times after.

Beta Live used to work for me pretty decent but not perfect.

Now it only shows it checks the page 2 times and then doesn’t show anymore on the “check log”.

If I use the Random or Interval it works fine. I do not want to use that because it will show too many hits on the page from my account.

The log for live schedules log time only when they detect a change. When no change is detected, no log is added. That could explain why the durations can be farther apart at different points of time. Can you share the page you were monitoring? I can try that and see how that works for me.

Thanks for replying and offering to check, but it is a password protected page. I did reach out to Distil and they are saying that other users have reported problems as well and they are working on it.