Found nothing in a Elsevier Journal Submission


I had a problem to track the changes of a manuscript submitted to the Elsevier journal system, the details of the manuscript can’t be detected well. I set a full page monitoring of this submission page, but it only get back part of the page, please see the attached page for the monitoring one and a normal one (I am not allowed to update more than one media as a new user…).

Anyone has an experience on this?

@shen159876 does the page take some time to load its content?

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True, it takes about 5 seconds to load the real content. I have set the wating time to 10 secondas here, but still does not work. Sorry it is in Chinese, it says the options in this page, and the waiting time.

My friend, do you have any suggestion on how to deal with this issue?

Your page element should not be correct, so the new page does not recognize the old element, please send me the website and I will help you find a CSS element

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some pages need tab to be active to load completely. if the page is not loading completely using the extension, try using the desktop app and see if it helps.

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Thank you so much, Can I PM you the information, as it needs to login in to get the update?

I have downloaded a desktop app, but it returns a new error:

it looks like the website doesn’t like the browser being used by the desktop app. can you please share the url? i will test it out and get back to you. thanks!

Thanks, please see the PM.