Filtering out a specific text with deselect

I’m trying to set up a monitor on a page that republishes each day creating false positive alerts.
Main issue is each page creates a ‘Printed on 15 Jun 2024’ text field change.
Does anybody have advice on what html selector or way to deselect this text, in the form of “Printer on x x 20xx”?
It doesn’t appear to be a timestamp.
<span class="text-marine-blue mr-2" >Published: December 2023.< /span > < span class ="text-marine-blue d-none d-print-inline" >Printed on < ins> 15< /ins > Jun 2024.< /span > < /p >

@blackemissions you should be able to deselect the element with the timestamp using the visual selector.

check out the following article that shows how try the method using the visual selector. if the date is contained within its own element, this method should work.