Feeds return "error finding changes in feed"

Trying to monitor several RSS feeds, but when I select the sieve, I get the error message “error running changes in feed” at the top of the page. However, the monitor is ON and the source doesn’t show an error in the log. See screenshot below:

Refreshing the sieve and running it manually SEEMS to work to get the latest changes to display, but it would obviously be best if users didn’t have to do this manually.

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Thanks for reporting the bug @smudau. The error is shown when Distill tries to find and show changes in the change history. If there is no error in check log, the checks worked. The buggy behavior manifested when one of the existing posts in the feed contained a change. This was just fixed. Can you try to refresh the Watchlist to view the changes? It should work now.

Many thanks, Ajit! That seems to have solved it!